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Cinderella Solution Review – Best Guide For Women To Regain The Perfect Shape?

Welcome to Cinderella Solution Review. These days, everyone is struggling to have a good looking and healthy body. In my experience, not everyone can exercise regularly and expect to look like Jennifer Lopez.

Cinderella Solution Review – Does Carly Donovan’s Program Help Women To Build An Appealing Body?

So, if you’re one of those who have become tired of “guaranteed weight loss programs”, then you’re at the right place. I’m certain that you must’ve heard about Cinderella Solution somewhere along the way. If you hadn’t heard then don’t worry. This article will provide a detailed Cinderella Solution Review and how it exactly works.

Cinderella Solution review

Product Title Cinderella Solution
Language English
Author Carly Donovan
Type Digital Format
Category Weight Loss
Price $37
Official Website Click Here

About Cinderella Solution PDF

Cinderella Solution pdf is an amazing weight loss program that is specially designed for women like you and me. It is named after Cinderella because its founder wanted us to feel like the princess Cinderella all over again. The Cinderella solution has become a hot topic as it’s not like the other weight loss programs. It is unlike anything anyone has ever seen. This program does not focus on any specific exercises, diets or costly supplements. All you ever need is already present in your house right now!

Moreover, you will be able to lose fat more efficiently. The basic idea of this program is very simple. You just have to eat a certain combination of meals which have been coined as ‘flavor pairing ritual’. This will help to trick your body into burning the excess fat as opposed to storing it. At first, I was very skeptical regarding this theory. Then, I tried some of these and The result was noticeable. This is why I have chosen to write this Cinderella Solution review so that you can be a part of it too.

What Does the Cinderella Solution Have?

This program is only a month-long program that is very easy to follow. It is divided into two phases. Each one of them spans over 14 days. The first phase is called the ‘Ignite Phase’ where you have to follow a specific combination of food. After that, you have to follow a specified plan of eating 4 meals per day in the ‘Launch Phase’.

Some of these combinations are simple, safe and natural. You do not have to buy anything extra other than what is already there in your kitchen. For instance, here are some good combinations that get you started with the program.

  • Green Tea infused with Mint
  • Sweet Potatoes in combination with Strained yogurt
  • Chocolates, yes chocolates but with an Apple

Although some of these may not make sense, it simply works. According to me, these combinations mix a starchy or sugary food with a fat-burning one. This Cinderella Solution review has been written after rigorous research and own implementation. Thus, there is solid science to back up their part of the research as well. You can easily find positive Cinderella Solution results in women all around the world.

Does the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program Work?

To begin with, Cinderella Solution isn’t a weight loss program. Although it will help you to shed some pounds, it is more focused on burning fat. Therefore, you can think of it as a special fat loss program. As stated earlier, the Cinderella solution works by making you follow and consume a certain combination of meals. Now, let us see why this is so.

According to Carly, she has mentioned that the natural weight regulation hormone gets disrupted during a woman’s puberty. Mainly, three hormones are responsible for maintaining your health. They are termed as ‘3 Queens’ and they are Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen. In short, let us refer to them as ICE.

So, during puberty, you start having your first periods. This is simple biology where your body prepares itself to nurture and grow a baby inside you. However, this can create certain hormonal imbalance and thus, it can disrupt your body’s mechanism.

With the help of Cinderella Solution, you will be able to keep ICE in check. As a result, these combinations of meals will help to reset your body as it used to be before. Also, do not worry about your periods or fertility. They will remain unaffected. The only difference is that your body’s hormones will now be able to be in check. Also, this is not a Cinderella Solution diet review because it is not about dieting or counting your carbs. This Cinderella solution review has been written after testing it myself. It is everything else except dieting.

Pros and Cons of Cinderella Solution Guide

Any good review has both pros and cons. Therefore, I have done the same in my Cinderella Solution review. Refer to the following section to learn about its Pros and its various benefits to you. Also, you will find out some cons that would affect maybe one or two women.


  • The best advantage is that you do not have to count your carbs or become overly active with exercise.
  • You do not have to take any supplements, pills or spend any extra money on anything.
  • As per the Cinderella Solution reviews, you do not have to go for any dieting. You can have your favorite food and still lose weight.
  • Most of the Cinderella Solution food pairing is readily available in your home.
  • Being healthy will make you free from certain diseases and health conditions related to obesity.


  • The important disadvantage is that Cinderella Solution pdf is in digital format. This means that it is a digital copy. However, you may get some video tutorials as well.
  • This program is only meant for women. Therefore, it will not work for men.
  • You have to follow the instructions very carefully. Otherwise, you will easily fall behind and not see any results.
  • Make sure that you are fully committed to the program. If you stay skeptical, you will not notice any differences.
  • Some specific food combinations may not appear ‘tasty’ or edible according to your taste or preference.

Cinderella Solution customers Review

Cinderella Solution Creator

Cinderella Solution was founded by a hard-working woman named Carly Donovan. She is not a famous person or anyone renowned. She is a normal woman like you and me. There is nothing special about her except for the fact that she used to weigh 209 pounds. That’s right, she was overweight and pre-diabetic. Along with this, she was suffering from hypertension and was declared clinically obese.

This was until she discovered the secrets of Japanese society. When she heard that they’re the healthiest country, it piqued her interest. From then on, she vowed to research and figure out the truth behind their secret. And now, she has found it. Those secrets are the foundation of this extraordinary program. Now, let us learn more about this program in detail in this Cinderella Solution review.

Carly Donovan

Why Cinderella Solution Book Is Useful to You?

According to many Cinderella Solution reviews, this fat loss program is more concerned about maintaining your hormonal balance. It uses the combination of meals to specifically target the soft fat areas in your body. All the while, it doesn’t tell you to count your calories or do excess cardio. Therefore, The Cinderella solution is comfortable and easier than other weight loss programs. Moreover, this program of ‘Food or flavor pairing’ has already been backed up by Science.

The Cinderella Solution flavor pairing is based on ‘Shoku Iku’ which is Japanese for nutritional architecture. This is the secret that has made Japan the healthiest country in the world. It is also why women are much slimmer, happier and live longer in that country. Furthermore, Cinderella Solution is designed to make you feel like a princess again. It will actively help you to regain control of your body and be healthy again. You will start looking younger and be much happier with yourself. Also, you will be able to fit in your favorite old jeans or dress once again.

All these claims are scientifically proven and are biologically guaranteed. Therefore, it is just bringing order back to your body. It actively helps to fix the problem of fat being stored in your body. Another important factor is that Cinderella Solution will help you to shed your weight much faster. In this program, there are certain ‘cheat schedules’ that will allow you to eat your favorite dish on a particular day. Thus, it supports you to be yourself but make you healthier too.

Cinderella Solution customer Review

Contents of Cinderella Solution eBook

For this Cinderella Solution review, I’ll cover the most basic content that you can expect to see. Apart from this, there are many other subheadings and other information. Thus, the basic content includes the following.

  • Main Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Recipe Playbook
  • Guilt-free Dessert Guide
  • Video Exercise Guide

Cinderella Solution can be downloaded and read in any smartphone, PC or tablet. Thus, the digitized program helps it to become more mobile. This way, you will not be able to miss out on your programs at any time of the day.

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Current Ongoing Promotions of Cinderella Solution

As of now, there is a huge sale where you can download the Cinderella Solution Pdf, videos and other contents. Ordinarily, you can get Cinderella Solution on Amazon for around $150. However, you can get it for up to an 80% discount at only $37. For this, you simply have to buy it from Cinderella Solution’s official website. You can get an additional $10 discount if you’re lucky. They are giving away coupons for the same.

Along with this, you will get an additional Cinderella Solution free download for use. The second package is named Cinderella Accelerator Package where you will get further advanced programs. This contains Cinderella solution food pairing and accelerator movement sequence. Hence, you can burn your fat faster by mixing a little lighthearted exercise.

You will be happy to know that Carly is selling her program with a ‘Glass Slipper Guarantee’. If you feel that the program is not working for you, then you can get a refund within 60 days. She will not ask you any questions and you will get your money back.

In my opinion, you should try the Cinderella Solution for at least a month. My Cinderella Solution review has covered most of the topics to help you understand it thoroughly. There is no risk in this as there is a solid money-back guarantee. It will only help you to become physically and mentally healthy. Accordingly, your emotional health will be much better as well.

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To summarize, Cinderella Solution pdf is for those women who wish to become and feel attractive again. There are various health risks and problems related to obesity. Hence, you should try out this program to get back in shape again. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much you weigh right now. Even Carly herself was obese and she has managed to transform herself. Now, you can do that too.

Hopefully, my Cinderella solution review will help you to clear out all the doubts that you may have had. With thousands of real-life results and cinderella solution diet reviews, I can successfully guarantee you that the Cinderella solution will transform you. You will turn into a real princess once again. You will not be obese anymore and you will become sexy in your prime.

This healthy lifestyle will help you to become more refreshed, energetic and elevate your mood as well. Parties and Work areas will become exciting again as you will become attractive as you previously were. If you’re wondering ‘Does the Cinderella solution work?’ then don’t worry. It does.

Cinderella Solution doesn’t require you to take any supplements, count your carbs or buy any ‘special’ pills. It is a natural remedy to regulate your hormones which will burn the body fat themselves. So, you can rest assured that Cinderella Solution is not a scam. It is scientifically backed by research and is completely safe and natural.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Am I too old for this?

There’s no such thing as too old when it comes to Cinderella Solution. It is specifically designed for women of all ages and body types.

2. Is this diet based on calorie counting?

Not. The whole point of this solution is to enjoy the program as much as you can while also losing weight. It doesn’t have any relation to counting your calories.

3. Do I need a bunch of fitness machines, gym membership or a fridge full of diet products to get started?

I don’t recommend buying a gym membership or some crazy foods to get started. All you have to do is do some light exercises and enjoy the delicious dishes as provided in the solution.

4. What happens after I click the ‘add to cart’ button?

You’ll be taken to a secure payment page where you can buy the Cinderella Solution free. This is a one-time billing and you won’t be asked to transact again shortly.

5. I have a Slow Metabolism/ a Low Thyroid/ Diabetes/ Heart Disease… Etc. Can this system work for me?

Ordinarily, this solution is designed to make you healthy. Therefore, it will automatically help to lessen the ailments to a certain degree. Moreover, many people have actively shared some successes regarding these diseases.

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