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Resurge Review – Trending Product to Lose Weight When You are in Sleep?

Resurge weight loss supplement is a game-changer program that would support your rise to power. It will transform you and make you stronger than ever with improved health that can help you escape obesity. This Resurge review tells how the Supplement will help your sleep deprivation and weight loss cause. Improved metabolism change will help the body gain more energy.

Resurge Review – Best Pill to Cut Down Your Fat Without Any Workouts?

The Resurge review program will guide you to know every possible ways and means to lower the fat in your body and also get an adequate amount of good sleep a human body needs a day. The Resurge supplement by Mr. John Barban was formulated with natural ingredients that are most essential for our body to burn calories and don’t have any adverse effects on our bodies. The product can be stamped as revolutionary because the fat burning continues to work even when our body is sleeping and unaware of things happening.

resurge review

Product Name Resurge
Ingredients Natural & Proven Ingredients
Administration Route Oral
Alcohol Warning No Restriction
Side Effects No Major Side Effects
Price $49 (Click here to Check the Discounted Price)
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here 

About Resurge Weight Loss Supplement

Resurge supplement is a mixture of 100% natural ingredients formulated by John Barban who is a specialist in sleep development and his tricks and techniques will surely help us through the journey of weight loss and fat burning benefits. Many may have a doubt that does Resurge really works? Resurge review points out that the best thing about the supplement is it works silently when we are asleep and burn fat in every single corner of our body.

This Resurge supplement has a mixture of all the natural essential ingredients that will help activate the fat-burning hormone. This will transform the body into a fat-burning machine and it triggers the fat resistance of the body. The depletion of fat gets multiplied gradually and our health becomes better each day as long as the calorie-burning goes on. While we are asleep, the brain cells are regenerated and there will be a better and improved energy and the messages passed through the receptors from the brain to other parts of the body will be faster.

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Resurge Creator

John Barban is a world-renown fat loss and metabolism expert who has got years of experience researching and formulating how he could find out the best possible way to revive the fat burning techniques that will turn out to be effective and useful. He has certifications acquired in nutrition, physiology, and biology and has taught at the University of Texas.

He has a lot of success stories in life. Transforming thousands of men and women from obesity to the healthy-looking lean body is one of the greatest achievements of his career and his hard work paid off in the end. I hope my Resurge review gave you enough information about the creator of this supplement.

John Barban

How does Resurge Work?

The Resurge review will help you understand how effectively does the program works in finding out the root cause of how the fat is heaping around the belly and other parts of the body. Meticore review gives much information about a unique supplement that will help activate a hormone that burns fat during sleep as it contains 8 important ingredients that are essential for our body’s metabolism, increasing energy and burning excess fat all around the body.

Who Can Use Resurge Supplement?

Excess fat burning through the Resurge weight loss supplement can be followed by any age groups above 18. For men and women who are above 40 and have been working hard to shed the fat but nothing working their way, then Resurge is the only answer. Resurge review reveals that this is the only beneficial program that helps to reshape their body, restore their energy, and rebuild their confidence level by a boosted metabolism.

Resurge Ingredients and Dosage

The Resurge supplement contains the below-listed ingredients and the quantity that will help to boost the metabolism of the body. Resurge review proves that it helps in fat burning work in an extremely fast manner and also improves the quality of your deep sleep. Your anxiety level is controlled. Excess fat from all parts of the body is excreted and they won’t be any more negativity in the body.

Ingredients and the Dosage are mentioned below:

  • 50mg of Magnesium Improves ease of getting sleep
  • 15 mg of Zinc Improves mind and keeps your body fresh and alert in the morning.
  • 10 mg of Melatonin will increase your duration of deep sleep and puts you to bed early. Your sleep deprivation days are gone for good.
  • 150 mg of Ashwagandha will help reduce the stress level and keeps you in a peaceful stress-free state of mind.
  • 100 mg of Hydroxytryptophan will improve and enhances the effects of melatonin and improves deep sleep quality.
  • 200 mg of L-theanine can reduce the increased heart rate to keep optimum and controls anxiety.
  • 1200 mg Arginine- Increases HGH level during deep sleep
  • 1200 mg of Lysine- Increase HGH level in sleep

Are There Any Side Effects for Resurge Weight Loss Supplement?

Resurge pills are clinically proved, tested dietary pills that have side effects if the recommended dosage. According to the Resurge review, this product has been approved by the FDA and tested by experts and labs. GMP has already awarded the manufacturer and no better proof shows the product is risk-free, harmless and free from side effects.

Anything overdosed is always harmful in general, so that must be considered and kept in mind. We must take only the adequate amount of the supplement for a better result. All the Resurge results are beyond your expectation and it indicates that it works well for the individuals.

Pros and Cons of Resurge Weight Loss Pills?


  • Easy to use a product that works effectively to give you positive results.
  • The product is tested clinically, approved by FPA and awarded by GMP.
  • The product is lab tested and there are no side effects at all if the recommended dose is taken in.
  • Resurge review reveals that this product is a true fat burning supplement that will turn your body into a machine.
  • Cortisol is controlled and there won’t be any more fat deposit in the belly part.
  • Brain cells and other vital hormones are regenerated during deep sleep and rejuvenate the body.
  • According to the Resurge weight loss supplement review, the product contains only natural ingredients that will help develop and improve the overall functioning of the body.
  • The metabolic system starts functioning properly and the body gets quality sleep than before.
  • Various Resurge reviews suggest that it will help you to lower the over anxiety and you will have increased energy level.
  • Unhealthy cravings won’t be happening anymore and mood quality will be improved.
  • There are a 60 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied and even if you return the empty bottle, without any question you will be returned the amount charged for the product.


  • People tend to intake excessively thinking their fat will burn more faster.
  • Resurge weight loss supplement review advocates that, you must be careful about illegal and fake Resurge bottles that harm the body.
  • Those treated for other diseases, those with liver disease and those allergic to medicines must consult a physician first.
  • Resurge review strictly warn that pregnant and breastfeeding women are not allowed to use the Resurge supplement.
  • Dosage instruction must be strictly followed for a healthy living.
  • According to many Resurge reviews, youngsters below 18 years are not recommended to use the product.
  • We must pay the shipping charges for the product.

Resurge Price, Plans & Coupon Codes:

The Resurge plan comes with an initial 30 days bottle with a special price of 49$ and an extra 49$  for the shipping and handling. The next plan is for  90 days and each bottle will cost around  39$ which is, even more, cheaper than buying a single bottle and a total shipping cost of 117$.

The best value pack comes with 6 bottles that can supply your body energy for 180days and it will cost you 34$ per bottle and an additional charge of 204$ for shipping. There is no Resurge bonus available with the product for the time being. If you are lucky you will also have a chance to get a Resurge discount and will get the product at a reduced price.

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Conclusion – Customer Reviews

The product is a must-have revolutionary essential that you must consume if you are obese and if you don’t get proper sleep. if you think you have stress and anxiety and any other factors that aren’t giving you peace of mind then you must take the Resurge product. Resurge will change your metabolism level and keep it improved. There are a lot of cromulent products available both in traditional and online markets. Don’t fall for them as they don’t work perfectly as a Resurge supplement.

If in case you feel that you are not satisfied, then you get a 60 days money-back guarantee where you get the full amount excluding the shipping charges. Even if you give the empty bottles, they accept it. So what is there to lose. Don’t worry!

Secondly, no manufacturer will be ready to accept their product returned even if it is an empty bottle. So trust your instinct,  try out the Resurge supplement, feel the difference, see the difference and make the difference by showing the difference to those who booed your obesity. After going through the multiple Resurge reviews and testimonials in the market, I had no doubt about the efficiency and success of this weight loss supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Resurge weight loss supplement really work?

The weight loss supplement works on natural ingredients formulated together to become a supplement that gives a rapid change in the metabolism, fat burned, and quality sleep. Burns even more fat during the deep sleep and that makes the product unique.

Is Resurge Best?

The Resurge supplement is a legit program that is not in pdf. It comes in a bottle full of supplements naturally combined for better and improved health. The product has bonuses and a 60 days money-back guarantee if the user dislikes the product. If in case the bottles are returned empty, the money will be returned without a second question. Resurge customer reviews are the best thing you can check out on the website for a clearer idea.

Are there any side effects for the Resurge weight loss supplement?

There are no side effects if the recommended amount of the supplement is consumed. So follow the instructions and do accordingly. As you know, the Resurge results are remarkable.

What age groups can use the Resurge weight loss pills?

People who gave up on burning fat, let us say men and women above 40 can use the Resurge weight loss supplement. But pregnant women and those with medical conditions and allergies must avoid the supplement intake.

Is the Resurge supplement natural and what are they?

Yes, the Resurge powder is natural. Magnesium, Zinc, Melatonin, Ashwagandha, Hydroxytryptophan, L-theanine, Arginine and Lysine are all-natural ingredients.

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    1. I was wondering the same thing, but if one bottle lasts a month and there’s 120 capsules per bottle, it must be 4 per day, right?

  1. Dear sir,
    I am very interested in ordering your product.
    But my island does not show up in your list of countries on the website.
    How can I order?
    I live in St.Maarten in The Dutch Caribbean.
    Can you help me, please?
    Miguel Arrindell

  2. Hi,
    I tried to order but my country is not on your option list. I live in Kenya. How can I purchase the product.

  3. I’m interested, but what you don’t say is once you’ve reached your goal do you have to continuously take this regimen and if you stop at your goal will the weight come back?

  4. I am confused on the dose. When l listened to John Barban’s testimony (twice) he clearly states one capsule and hour before bedtime. The label says four is a serving and there are 30 days. Which is it?
    Other things l have read is to take one before meals and one at night, or one before workout and one at night. So you must see my confusion.
    It says it contains 10 mg of high quality melatonin which l could only take before bedtime because it will make me sleepy, l could never take that during the day and function. Please help me with these answers.

  5. Hi my name is Sallie Collins To and I would definitely love to try this product I am so intrested in this because for 2 years I have been trying to lose weight I weighed 127 now I weigh a 183 I’ve gone through some medical issues I have hypo thrips syndrome and it keeps me from sleep in I’ve gained so much weight and also I had to have some stents put in for swelling from my body I definitely want to try this product I just don’t know my doctor said he really didn’t think you would hurt me but I’m not sure so could you please replied back and please let me know if it’s possible to be able to try this product and see how it affects me or a few know how it would affect me could you please give me some insight on this

    Thank You

  6. I can not complete an order, when the “3 bottle /117.00 choice was clicked on, I was taken to a Secure Checkout page that never developed. The only thing on the page was in the far left upper corner that said” Secure Checkout. ” I made 3 separate attempts.

    Please Help!

    Thank You,


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